I am Elisa Laiho, a Finnish singer-songwriter and pianist. You will wind my artist profile in Spotify here.

My latest Finnish solo album Kaunista valoa was released on November 2019. The album was produced by my myself and Matti Paatelma. 

In the songs of the album I am contemplating life and growing threw love. The feel of the songs is a soft well moving way of storytelling with an element of beauty. Between the feelings of longing and yearning there is always a glimpse of hope.

My wish for this album is that we have been able to capture stories that are meaningful, moving and will last time.

All the compositions and some of the lyrics (Kaunista valoa, Sydän kuuntelee, Tilaa taivaalla) are made by me. The other lyrics are written by Tommy Tabermann, Aura Raulo, Petri Lahtinen, Annukka Pullola and Tauno Naumanen.

I have written some songs for other artists, too. You can view all my published songs here.

Behind all growth, competition, heartbreak and dreams shines a beautiful light, even if it cannot always be seen.

Music Video: "Years of War" (2016)

Music Video: "Life is like a dancefloor" (2012)

Music Video: "Aamulla varhain" (2016)

Music Video: "Life is like a dancefloor" (2016)


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