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Music for me has been a source of magic since I was a little girl. I began to compose little melodies with the piano at about 8 years old. I first started studying music at the music school in my childhood hometown Parkano. Since then I have studied music at the Kaustinen College of music and at the Sibelius-Academy. I received my degree of master of music in 2006.

The first recording of mine was called ”Waves.” I wrote and recorded it during my years at Music college. The first complete album of mine, Sibyl Vane’s ”The Woman of Stone” was released during my years at the Sibelius-Academy. Around the same time I published an EP ”Sirpaleita-Skärvor-Splinters” including a couple of songs I composed to Edith Södergran’s poems. I also had a soul-folk influenced band called Elisa Laiho Acoustic Flow. We released an EP ”Love Is Like a Breeze” at 2006.

The poet Edith Södergran has been a great source inspiration of mine over the years. I published my first solo album ”Mustaa tai valkoista” in Finnish in 2008. All the lyrics are Edigh Södergran poems which I have composed to music. The album got great feedback from both the audience and from the critics.

I’ve been performing my own music at a large number of gigs and concerts in Finland and abroad (Ireland, United States, Namibia, Switzerland, Hungary, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Iceland) with various groups such as Elisa Laiho Acoustic Flow, Elisa Laiho Ensemble, Sibyl Vane and Iris Ensemble.

I have also made some appearances in the world of theatre. During my time in Helsinki I was an influence in the Ilves-theatre improvisation group. Since moving to Riihimäki I have taken part in productions of the Theatre of Riihimäki, one of them being a joint production between the independent artistic group Elisa Laiho Ensamble and the theatre itself. The production is called “Matkalla epätoivon tuolle puolen” (“On the journey beyond desperation”). More of the group and production can be found in the column Music/Projects.

I have also made compositions for other artists. For example from the album “Salaisuus” by Rajaton the song “Elossa” was composed by me. Other compositions I have worked on include two singles by Annabel Hailey “Fallen” and “Letting go” which have received a nice amount of streaming.